Friday, August 25, 2006

Going To West- Do's and Don't (OR View of a Great Western Circus)

Following is the list of things which you should follow, if you don't want to get labelled as a TE-RRRO-RRIST! (This applies especially to those having non-white skins)

1. Don't drink water. Water carried by an Easterner may be explosive. So avoid taking plastic water bottles also.

2. Don't carry lipsticks or other make-up material. It may be explosive.

3. Don't talk to each other. It may be explosive.

4. Don't carry plastic bags or for that matter any bags. They may be explosive.

5. Don't eat. It may be explosive.

6. If you are a muslim then damn you. You are explosive.

7. If you are a Sikh then also you are a Muslim because every beard on a non-white face belongs to Osama bin Laden. It may be explosive.

8. If you are in Amsterdam and your granma calls you and also wants to talk to your brother then don't exchange cellphones. It may explosive.

9. Don't walk. It may be explosive.

10. Don't . You are explosive.

11. If you get killed by some dumbest policeman (as all of them are) because of anything from 1 to 10, then don't complain. Situations are explosive and this is a war on Terror.
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