Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama or Hillary - 'Who is 'Buzzier'?' & 'Whom Do Indians Like More?'

See why they say that Obama is the web kid! Obama beats Hillary hands down when it comes to being an object of Google Search and of news items.

Hillary Obama

However, funnier is the picture in India. Hillary is far more popular in India than Obama is -over past 12 months. Also look at the state-wise break up...Why Madhya Pradesh is so obsessed for Hillary?

Hillary Obama India

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Youtube Videos Sorting - Too Much


Featured, Most Popular, Most Discussed, Most Recent, Most Responded, Most Viewed, Top Favorites, Top Viewed...

Isn't all this tad confusing?

Then combine these with Today, This Month etc. and you get a more confusing experience...

Windows Vista Quick Launch Bar Short Cut

Windows Quick Launch Bar Trick

Windows quick launch bar always offers a good place from where you can launch the frequently used applications. Today, by accident, I discovered the short-cut for launching quick launch bar applications.

The image above explains the short cut. For example, to launch Firefox, which is the first on quick launch bar, you need to press 'Windows+1'.

Shoes Harm You...

Photo credit:Tom Schierlitz in Nymag.com

'You Walk Wrong!' says this article in New York Magazine, and I agree instantly. No excerpts here...please read the article in original at NYMag.com. Basically it says that your foot should touch ground more often without a shoe...

Friday, April 25, 2008

What's Your Leader Like?

On Fastcompany website, I read very interesting question - "Do attributes like height and a louder voice really translate into more power in the workplace?". Most of the respondents to this question deny this.

In my opinion, what Mary Parker Follet said about leadership is very important. She propounded a leadership style which is based on expertise - Functional Leadership. He, who knows about the job is the leader at that time. This is true. But in second thought, in addition to this, the leader must have Compassion for his followers/colleagues. And for me Compassion is one of the most critical components of Leadership.

I would strongly recommend to you to read David McCullogh's interview on leadership - 'Timeless Leadership', which appeared in Harvard Business Review magazine. Here is a part of the interview. You need to have a subscription to read the full interview. Crux of what David McCullogh says is that apart from a strong sense of history, you need to have virtues like expertise, strength of character, compassion, optimism and ability to look beyond that which is appearing on surface...

What do you think about leadership?

I am particularly interested in knowing - what is the one quality which defines the leadership of a leader around you?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Shahrukh Khan & Ishant Sharma


This funny pic is doing rounds of email. This was probably clicked on the launch ceremony of Kolkata Knight Raiders team of Indian Premier League.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Astronauts at increased risk of premature aging: Study - ExpressIndia.Com

Astronauts may be at increased risk of premature aging due to exposure to radiation found in space, suggests a study that could have major implications for long-duration space travel.The findings from the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Georgetown University Medical Centre in the United States shows that astronauts may be at increased risk of colon cancer due to exposure to the high linear energy transfer (LET) radiation found in space.The study, funded by NASA and presented at the 2008 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, shows that the high-energy radiation found in space may also lead to premature aging and prolonged oxidative stress in cells.
Astronauts at increased risk of premature aging: Study - ExpressIndia.Com

Canadian Firm Receives 50 Million USD For IPL Portal

Contentsutra.com reports about the till-now secret portal developer of IPL. Look at the hefty paycheck that the firm received for developing one portal. Now we hope that a standard portal comes through for IPL...

"Live Current Media Inc (LCM), a Vancouver, Canada based company has bagged the portal rights of the Indian Premier League for 10 years for $50 million, contentSutra has confirmed from sources. LCM owns the domain Cricket.com, and intends to develop it as a portal around the IPL. An Indian company may also be involved with the portal. We believe that live streaming rights are not a part of the deal since those are being sold separately - Willow TV has got rights for streaming content in the Americas. $50 million for just the portal rights may seem high, but these are exclusive, and come at the cost of preventing other websites access to the IPL. As per reports, LCM had recently rejected a $6 million offer for the domain Cricket.com.

Earlier known as Communicate.com, LCM used to be a domain name company. They stopped selling their domain name portfolio, and began using the domains as commerce sites. As per our sister site paidContent.org, around 90 percent of their revenue came from one e-commerce site - Perfume.com. The company owns 1100 domains, including Boxing.com, Brazil.com, Vietnam.com and importers.com, among others"

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trivialisation of News in Indian News Channels

We all laugh (though while increasing TRP and thus steaming up the business) at the news channels in India. Whenever I feel sad, I switch on a news channel! They for sure have a waking up value. Another day, an anchor who was visibly concerned about US subprime crisis could make a single point in about 5000 words!! So much of fog!!! Then there was an anchor who was asking opinion of another anchor about an issue on a news channel. I feel only business news channels and to some extent NDTV are sensible enough to bore me by streaming 'real' news.
When we say Indian electronic media business scene is hot then we mean the heat is created by relentless, shameless, senseless permutations and combination of conjunctions and words like I, we, you, think etc.

Look at these pics, they are live!!

Adsense for Conversation? (Update..)

Nice idea...


Now Read and Write Web has an exclusive sneak peak into Google Dreamads!!! You guessed it right...it is contextual advertising for your dreams!!!