Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trivialisation of News in Indian News Channels

We all laugh (though while increasing TRP and thus steaming up the business) at the news channels in India. Whenever I feel sad, I switch on a news channel! They for sure have a waking up value. Another day, an anchor who was visibly concerned about US subprime crisis could make a single point in about 5000 words!! So much of fog!!! Then there was an anchor who was asking opinion of another anchor about an issue on a news channel. I feel only business news channels and to some extent NDTV are sensible enough to bore me by streaming 'real' news.
When we say Indian electronic media business scene is hot then we mean the heat is created by relentless, shameless, senseless permutations and combination of conjunctions and words like I, we, you, think etc.

Look at these pics, they are live!!

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