Monday, January 22, 2007

Iraq - Is US relying on Experience In Post-War Japan?


It seems that the plight of Iraq is not ready to die down even after the US's tormentor of Iraq - Saddam Hussein is dead now. Does the root of the faulty US policy lie in the experience of USA in post-war Japan? US is thinking that replacing the governments is like licking lolly-pops. But USA is wrong.

Read this news from Guardian Unlimited -
" Two nearly simultaneous bombings in a mostly Shia commercial area in central Baghdad killed at least 72 people and wounded at least 134, Iraqi officials said today."

Isn't it right that the US is now deep within shit which herself has created. Even if US sends more troops to Iraq, the resistance in Iraq will not die down. The basic problem with USA's Iraq policy is that US policy relies heavily on
1. An artificial government which has been installed there by disturbing a natural order. The overthrow of Saddam should have come from Iraqis themselves. Not by force of US.;
2. On military might.

USA thinks that only these 2 factors namely, a so called democratic government & battalions of troops will ensure a peaceful Iraq. Probably, USA policymakers are taking cues from their post WW II Japan experience. But Iraq is not Japan, Mr. Bush. You don't need some political pundit to tell that Iraq is a much more complex issue. In Japan, USA didn't touch the monarchy. So the Japanese always had somebody to look up to. Chances of a total chaos were thus very limited in Japan. However, such is not the case with Iraq. What the poor Iraqis have is some weaklings labled as 'Democratic Government' in Baghdad.

ad policy-making Mr. Bush!

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