Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone Sucks?

I got a mail today from a good friend of mine and a great web designer - Mario Garcia Jr. who works for Garcia Media - a company which helps newspapers and online products to help themselves redesign and 're-engineer'. Mario is one of those hundreds of enthusiasts who waited eagerly for buying Apple's iPhone in June. An avid gadget lover, when he was in India, Mario wanted to buy a good mobile handset. However he decided to wait for iPhone and resisted himself from buying another handset.
Well. Now having an iPhone under his belt, what are his thoughts? Read this -
I should have bought that phone from your friend while I was there. I am NOT HAPPY with the iPhone. I don't like that I have to use AT&T as the carrier, battery life is awful, can't use my Bose headphones with it, can barely hear ringer, too difficult to type on screen and the list goes on. I now want to get a phone like the one I was looking at when we went together to the store. Can you call your friend and ask what type of phone it was so I can look it up and research it? Do you remember?

I wonder what can be the most critical of the above shortcomings which hammered the last nail in the coffin? Was it not being able to use Bose headphones or a awful battery life or cumbersome typing facility?
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