Wednesday, August 27, 2008

N96 About to Start Distribution in India…

A few days ago, I registered on Nokia India site for prior booking of N96 – the hyped i-Phone killer in a country like India. Today, I received a call from Nokia dealer in city informing to book N96 by paying Rs. 4000. He said that N96 will be delivered to me within 8-10 days. With the handset, there is a free 2GB card (why it will be needed when N96 will have 16GB of internal flash memory?) plus an assured gift from Nokia. On asking about price, he said that it will be in Rs. 37000 – Rs. 40000 range.


This price range will be considerably higher in Indian market, also considering facts that N96 won’t have touch screen or a QWERTY keyboard…But anyway, N96 has enough as its tagline says - “How Much Power Can You Handle?’

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