Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Linkbundle: Paywall Decision

Here are some links which more insights and analysis about decision to implement paywall/metering for its content -

1. NYT execs' memo to staff about metered model for - Romensko

An Important Decision about Our Future

Today we are announcing that we will be introducing a paid model for at the beginning of 2011. As you will see in the press release, we have chosen a metered approach that will offer users free access to a set number of articles per month and then charge users once they exceed that number.

2. NYT Describes Online Plans - Vallyweg

A tipster was selected for a survey on and graciously copy/pasted from it for our benefit. The Times was gauging interest in two premium packages that it calls NYT Gold and NYT Silver.

3. Monetize The Audience, Not The Content - A VC

The worst examples of subscription services are those that break the content up into free and paid. It's as if some content is worth more than other content. I think that is the wrong idea most of the time, and especially in news and news related content.

4. Only 2.4% subscribe at newspaper pay sites - Reflections of a Newsosaur

A puny 2.4% of print subscribers is the average number of people paying for online content at the handful of daily newspapers that have been bold enough to erect pay walls, according to a new survey.


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