Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 Awesome Things to Do in Frazer Town, Bangalore!

For the past month, I am living in the bustling, central Bangalore locality of Frazer Town. Frazer Town retains charm of an old city and also boasts likes of McDonald’s, CCD, Barista, KFC, and Pizza Hut!

Here is my take on top 10 things you can do in Frazer Town:

1.           Eat Dosa-Idli-Wada at Shanti Sagar: Shanti Sagar is a chain of South Indian eateries in Bangalore. A good way to taste South Indian dishes at very cheap rates! In Frazer Town, the restaurant is very easy to find and sits at cross between Mosque Road and Coles Road.

2.           Have a cup of Sulaimani at Taj Tea House: Sulaimani is my biggest discovery in Bangalore! A black-lemon tea, served in many tea stalls in old Bangalore, is extremely...refreshing and desirable and healthy! This cup of tea has arrived in Bangalore, probably, from Middle-East where it is called ‘ghava’. I couldn’t help but notice the similarity of name ‘ghava’ to ‘kahwa’ – a traditional green tea which is popular from Central Asia to Kashmir. This is a must-do in Frazer Town, because you will get one of the best Sulaimanis in Bangalore at Taj Tea House, in Frazer Town.

Sulaimani Tea Chai, Bangalore

3.           Eat delicious Punjabi food at Manjit Da Dhaba: What can I say about this one! This has become my favorite place to have my lunches and dinners. A modest Punjabi dhaba, it is at the exact spot on the map where train route goes below the Wheeler Road fly-over, in Cox Town. I was on cloud 9 while savoring the hot and fresh phulkas and Dal Makhani! Food is very cheap, and it reminded me of the equally delicious Punjabi food I once had near New Delhi railway station in Paharganj. A must visit, if you ask me!

4.           Buy leather goods at Leather Fetish: This is a small shop on Moore Road. It sells export-excess leather goods like shoes, belts, wallets, and leather jackets at very cheap rates. Don’t forget to bargain a bit for more joy!

5.          Have Biryani and Arabian food at Savory: Frazer Town is home to a large number of students and expats from Middle East. To serve them, many Arabian food joints dot area in and around Frazer Town. Most popular among them is Savory restaurant the Mosque Road. It is extremely popular among the lovers of authentic Arabian food. Savor many Arabian delicacies at this restaurant to treat your taste buds.

6.           Leaf through books at Justbooks library: When I came from Pune to Bangalore, little did I expect to find an outlet of my subscription library JustbooksCLC in Frazer Town! But there it is on Coles Road near Domino’s! They have a great collection of novels, non-fiction, and kid’s books. Visit it and just leaf through the collection, or if staying longer, definitely get their membership.

7.           Savor East Asian delicacies at Chung Wah: If you love East Asian food, no better place than Chung Wah on Saunder’s Road opposite Crossword book store.

8.          Visit St. John’s Church: A church and a magnificent building is a must visit to see the architectural beauty. Constructed in 1856, this church can sit about 350 people, and did cost only Rs. 6322 plus Rs. 1433 for all furniture!! It’s just a 5-min walk from Coles Road.

9.          Jog to Ulsoor Lake: If you are a jogging aficionado, Ulsoor Lake has a nice track to give your heart and legs a good exercise. Marked on the map as Ulsoor Lake Pathway, it is around 2 km from Frazer Town.

10.     Have a dash of Ginger Honey at Barista: Barista on Mosque Road is a pretty chilled out place. You won’t find large crowds and noisy groups there. A little wanting on ambience, this Barista outlet serves a great hot drink called Ginger Honey. Just chill out there, leaf through a book or listen to ‘Scarlet Town’ over a cup of soothing and refreshing Ginger Honey!

Did I leave your favorite place out? Tell me in comments...

Sulaimani Tea Photo: Drfiting Pappus
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