Thursday, January 1, 2015

How Businesses and Technologies Survive Death Sentence

Have a look at these screenshots -

Future of newspapers

Future of Laptops

Future of Tablets

These pictures show the raging debates in recent times about whether or not these businesses will survive in coming years. However, like many more similar things which were sentenced to death by experts, these businesses are not dead yet.

Transformation, not death.
This sounds philosophical. But it is perfectly applicable to all these things. Newspaper is not dead yet but the newspaper as we knew it is certainly dying. Same can be said to be true for many other things.

So, when some expert says that a particular concept or business will be dead, what it really means is that the reality is changing for that particular format. So the idea can still live on in a transformed avatar.

The masthead of shows a successful transformation. 
Focus on technology at
Circa an acclaimed news app which calls itself a news organization

Nexus 6 represents a trend where we will see a fusion of not only the capabilities but also of the physical form of smartphones and tablets (and laptops?)

Google's new Inbox application treats emails as messages and your inbox as a hub of your activities.
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