Friday, December 15, 2006

Think Beyond Google!

Today morning (Indian Morning!), I came across a really nice post on my favourite ZDNet Blog. David Berlind writes about a new search technology which is into making in Sun Labs. Read it.
Proof that the search for “great search” isn’t over just yet by ZDNet's David Berlind -- Anybody who has ever used a search site like Google or Yahoo knows that there's room for improvement in search. But just how much? Is the room that's left only for incremental enhancements or might we still see some quantum leaps? Until last week when I got a demonstration of the work being done in [...]

The Sun’s 3d Cluster
It basically tells about creating clusters of search results in 3 dimenssion! The user can hover the mouse on a dot and can see to which cluster does it belong. Many of you who think beyond Google do know great search engines like Vivsmo and Clusty who do cluster the results.

But the search results cluster in 3d!

I am waiting.

[p.s. Read the comment by Justin James titled 'Technical Solution'. His argument is fantastic.]
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