Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Readers Write - Updated

Our reader, Jayant adds -

The Indian Cricket Team players majority of them r in the team b'coz they want to make more money, that is by being in the team and shooting for the advertisement and endorsements one player is such that he is made into a comic book hero so the stakes r high they have stick in the team hook or by crook using their political friends to get in is also a option. The fact remains the Men In Blue is kicked out of the world cup tournament even before it has warmed up so i would like my Indian cricket team to be young aggressive and who can win matches the coach and captain should be maintained.

One of the active readers of Sakaal Blog comments -
The extra-ordinary fan following as well the excessive importance given to cricket,the pre world cup hype & hoopla by all media in India too is partially responsible for the ignominious fiasco in the first league against underestimated opponents!
Excessive cricket,too much money in many forms,too many distractions,iconic celebrity status took the toll.The all time greats are now jaded enough though despite our gr8 population,we are not producing good enough replacements!
Perhaps time to withdraw from the international scene for 2-3 yrs & high time for the tired & not young any more greats like sachin,sehwag etc to retire!
But we must still treat them with respect coz they have won great laurels for India in the past & winning as well as losing have to be taken with sportsman spirit though now with the proverbial pinch of salt!
While other contributor says -

Cricket is not just a game to play or enjoy. We Indians feel it from our HEART. Indian players are none other less than Bhagwaan to us. But after Panipat of Indian team in 2007 World Cup it’s time to rethink for us. This 2007 Cricket World Cup put lot of questions in the mind of Cricket fans. Bob Woolmer’s mysterious murder again gives rise to the Match Fixing issue. In olden days people used to say “Cricket is a Gentleman’s game”. But now it becomes just a money game.

After India’s defeat, World Cup just become No man’s Land for the entire nation. People are so irritated that they even don’t want to see Players faces, their ads. I am a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. World’s no.1 batsman unable to play in swinger of Fernando, it’s really shame for him. This defeat will change our Cricket fans minds. Now, I think no one is interested in World Cup. We refer seeing movies rather than cricket. I think days are over where “We think cricket, we eat cricket & we play cricket”. One thing is sure that Indian team totally lost their Spirit to win, since it doesn’t matter who you are? If you have such momentum to recreate something different you will become Idol for the nation. But with great sorrow I have to say, presently there is no one who can make it possible.

As a cricket lover I never forget cricket which is a team game & always teaches us “Let’s win together”. Now, there is no such enthusiasm to watch the matches, to shout for the players, to pray for them. ICC 2007 WC is unforgettable nightmare for me & I desperately want to forget it.

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