Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Global Warming

The G-8 summit is over without taking any clear decision on Global Warming. There are three stands on this issue. One stand is of environmentalists who are giving a hue and cry to slow death in the form of Global Warming. They must be given the credit for building a consensus about existence of Global Warming. Second stand is of Western Countries and particularly of USA's and the third being of emerging economies like India and China. Western developed countries are historically the worst polluters. An average US citizen emits 18 times more pollutants than her Indian counterpart and an average Briton emits 15 times more. India and China argue that there should be differential liabilities about cutting down emissions based on this fact. These countries have a right to emit gases otherwise the development will be hampered. The western countries, on the other hand, accuse India and China of blockading the agreement over binding levels of emission cuts. Ironically, it is the Indians who are most worried about the global warming according to a global survey published in New Scientist. As many as 55 % Indian say that they are 'Very Concerned' about climate change whereas only 15 % Britons say the same thing. What was expected at the G-8 summit was a clear cut decision about the future.
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Some interesting headlines I came across about Global Warming -
'Adults are acting childish over Global Warming'- Bismarck Tribune
'G-8 to act on Global Warming, later...may be' - Greenpeace.
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