Saturday, March 8, 2008

Last surviving U.S. World War I veteran -

Soon, he was deployed to war and headed overseas on the Carpathia -- the same ship used in the rescue mission of the War I veteran Frank Buckles entered the Army at age 15. "I didn't lie," he said with a laugh this week.Click to view previous image1 of 4Click to view next imageHe drove ambulances in Britain and France for soldiers wounded during World War I.A few decades later, Buckles was in the Philippines as a civilian, on December 7, 1941, the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. He was taken as a prisoner of war for 39 months in Manila, eating his meals out of a single tin cup.More than 60 years later, he still clings to that cup, the one that sustained his life. Weathered with age, the cup has flecks of white paint chipped off. He keeps it as a reminder of his sacrifice for the country he so loves. He also still has his dog tags.At age 107, there's not much the war veteran, POW and West Virginia farmer hasn't seen. But this week, this quietly accomplished man was humbled.Buckles, the last known surviving World War I U.S. veteran, met the president of the United States and received a standing ovation at the Pentagon.
Last surviving U.S. World War I vet honored by president -

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