Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dark Knight – 4 Reasons Why It Rocks


Above: 3 reasons why Dark Knight is awesome movie

A day before yesterday, I went to watch the much hyped superhero flick – Dark Knight. It had already generated enough curiosity for being the last completed movie by Heath Ledger. I also liked Christian Bale after ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘3:10 to Yuma’. He is an actor with a lot of substance and in future he is sure to portray some memorable characters.

Just before the intermission in the movie-theatre, I thought the movie is over! And, I was still very happy to have watched a good movie!! But it did not stop there…it went on entertaining me till I came out of theatre as a hard-core Dark Knight fan. No wonder that Dark knight is currently No. 1 in IMDB’s Top 250 movies.

Here are some things which I liked about this movie -

1. Heath Ledger:


I was surprised to see how well he has portrayed the Joker. Heath Ledger is very successful in that he conveyed the right tones of Jokers’ personality. He was not supposed to be a Joker actually, he had to be a psychopath and it’s what Heath appears in the movie. Especially watch the scene when he claps in the cell on news of Gordon’s promotion – that was really terrifying.

Most of those who have watched Jack Nicholson as Joker will agree with me that Heath is better than jack in role of Joker.

It is very sad that he took exit exactly when he has shown so much promise.

2. Aaron Eckhart


Aaron Eckhart was the real surprise package of this movie. The role of firebrand public prosecutor came to Eckhart not as a first choice. The director sought out Matt Demon and several others for this role before Eckhart was considered. But whatever happens, happens for the best. Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent overshadows even Batman in many parts of the movie. Harvey Dent is supposed to be the White Night in Gotham – but due to tragic death of Rachael, he is transformated into Two-face. And this is the best part of Eckhart’s portrayal.

3. Good acting by almost everybody

This movie is one of those rare ones, where everybody of the cast gives 100%. During movie, you never feel that any of the casts is out of place or situation. Special mentions are Caine, Freeman and the man who played Gordon.

Off course Bale is always there.

4. Christopher Nolan

After a movie, how many characters do generally linger in your mind? Only a few in most of the movies. In case of Dark Knight, everybody lingers. Right from the prisoner in orange prison clothes who throws away the dynamite switch, to the Joker’s man whom Harvey tries to kill by doing a toss of coin. Credit of this character development must go to Nolan.

What I liked most about Nolan is that he has brought so much depth in Batman movies – both Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Superheroes are not search and rescue operatives like most of the flicks showcase them. Nolan focussed on the moral dilemmas in mind of the superhero instead. And he succeeds in that. Hats off to him for giving us this movie!

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