Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tweaking Day

Today, it was a day of tweaking for me. I tried to change a lot of things about this blog and realised that small tweaks take a long time. So here I am – fatigued from clicking Ctrl-F5 (which refreshed the page overriding the cache) the whole day.

At the end of the day, these are the things which lingered on my mind:

1. Tweaking takes real long, but you need to do it once in a while. See at the changed look, isn’t it cleaner and refreshing?

2. Google ads (or any ads for that matter) create clutter, not money, for a small blog like mine. So, gone are all ads.

3. Go with one of the default blogger theme. You can tweak it to suit your style and needs. The freely available themes across Internet have so many blind-spots which you just can’t edit only because blind-spots are so many there. Plus, standard themes are a plus when you post content with a blog editor like Windows Live Writer (which is highly recommended). To read more about Live Writer, go to these excellent posts on Digital Inspiration.

4. Not copying, but you can model the design on some nicely-designed blog. I like cleaner interfaces with readable fonts. Google’s blogs were a natural choice for me. Except the image in header, Many things resemble Google’s blogs. See here and here.

5. You need to look in right places for answers and you need to use right tools. I used Firebug, SnagIt, Picnik, IrfanView, and this blog proved to be of great help, not to mention the uber-notepad for editing comparing the HTML’s.

6. This tweaking is worth it. Though there some things on which I still need to work, overall, I am happy about what I see.

Next, I will add the widgets which I use regularly. But that – some time later…

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