Saturday, November 29, 2008

Notes on Mumbai Terror Attacks


The shameful attacks that were carried out on Mumbai for last 2 days are finally reached to the end now. With death of more than 150 common people, some best cops & commandos, and some foreign nationals, these attacks have made wounds on hearts of billions of Indians.

A few things that I noted during these attacks are -

  1. These attacks have certainly shocked even the most resilient city of Mumbai, mostly because there was a methodical randomness and wide reach in these attacks.
  2. The real face of politicians came to fore more starkingly than ever. Especially what angered people was behavior of Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat, who took a press conference right in the cordoned off area while the commandos were shedding their blood inside the Oberoi hotel.
  3. This was probably the longest LIVE coverage of an event which lasted for more than 57 hours…kudos to cameramen and anchors of electronic media for bringing all to the masses – for now everybody understands the dangers of religious hatred that culminated in terrorism.
  4. These attacks also will bring in a change in the way Indian internal security system works. Some issues which need urgent attention will be – coordination in various intelligence agencies, overall strengthening of intelligence gathering, security of sea-shores of India, tougher majors to curb terrorism, and strengthening the hands of cops who deal with terrorism.
  5. Before general elections next year, these attacks will force Indian government to do some tough-talk and arm-twisting with the Islamic neighbors of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  6. This event also showed, at once, the strength and weakness of social media, especially Twitter. On one hand Twitter facilitated very wider conversations and interactions which are just not possible in any mainstream media. Many Indian media houses will hopefully wake up now to this reality. On the other hand it was also seen that most of the conversations were parasited on coverage of electronic media. Very little original feed came in.

A window to web on Mumbai Terror attacks:

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