Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MSN Soapbox (Microsoft's Youtube) Is Coming


After taking long (as usual) to gauge the success of Web 2.0 services, like Google Video, Yahoo Video and Youtube, Microsoft is at last coming up with their version of Youtube-MSN Soapbox. Soapbox will function on same lines as of Google Video, Yahoo Video and Youtube and will be thus meant to be a 'Social' Web service. Currently the test version is out for Invitees only and the MSN Soapbox Beta is supposed to be out in coming days.

Those who have tested it have opined it to be similar to Youtube with 100mb upload limit etc. Major curiosity was about the video format on Soapbox. Whether Soapbox is going to use Windows Media Player format or .flv- the flash movie format. It seems that .flv will not be an in thing for MSN Soapbox.

Late entry into the video hosting segment means that Microsoft will have to be content on a low customer base. This is mainly because we will have to wait for a while for other mashing applications to develop around MSN Soapbox. For instance you will find so many services like Kipvid which evolved around Youtube and Google Video. Somebody should tell the folks in Seattle that online audience hates to wait this much when so many equally able competitors are around.
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