Thursday, September 14, 2006

What I Didn't Do At BlogCamp.

BlogCamp.In the grand gala of intelligent and blogging minds ended in Chennai in 9th and 10th. Before going there, I had formulated some objectives for myself. Most important thing on my mind was 'whether this unconference is going to be neo-hippyism?' Informality, participation than speeches, 2 feet rule- it interested me to see if all this actually didn't mean Indiscipline (or Indiscipline 2.0!). Dear friends, though there were some issues relating to the chaos about sessions, it was through and through paisa vasool for a person like me who travelled there all the way from Pune. Many a persons tried and did beat their own drums there (e.g. I didn't understand why there was a session about SEM in Blogcamp? or Why was propping up again and again on various occasions? I never heard about Ford or Yahoo except at right places- these were official sponsors.). There were also some people who walked in the hall like a police-man talking loudly and silencing some sane voices.

If this was the situation, then where did I get my payback? It was (unfortunate for an Unconference but-) on a cup of coffee. I got networked to a good number of people and relations with whom, I hope, will go beyond profession.

A session on podcasting by Kiruba, Ram and Kaushik and all those who attended it was the best. It just evolved. I am sure that the session chartered a totally unplanned path for these wonderful guys. A novice to writing a blog (not blogging!), I was immensely benefited from their tips on podcasting.

Other persons which interested me there were Amit Agarwal and Dina Mehta. It was a sad thing that I could not actually caught up with Amit. But hey there will always be the next BlogCamp.

I was a bit surprised at this social gathering about a curious phenomenon. The girls you know! Look at these girls- Dina and Neha-hogging the center-stage and active in each activity. I was wondering about my own observation that the girls today are more active and open and free, especially at such social gatherings. Is it just a feeling of mine? It may be the confidence oozing out from beauty the girls would always have. I wonder. I wanted to discuss this issue with Dina but except on blogging and gender issues, I didn't talked to her.

One more thing I wanted to hear about was somebody writing on Recipes. Personaly I would have loved to hear from some of these blogger cooks. But alas! None was there as per my knowledge.

All this and a visit to Mahabalipuram- I didn't do at BlogCamp.
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