Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sharing Bed? Or Building Sleep?

An interesting study on sharing bed for sleeping is doing rounds currently. Published originally in, this study points to an interesting aspect of sleep or more of a relationship, namely sharing bed during sleep.

Sharing bed for sleeping can be a very uncomfortable job - snatching for the sheet (it goes on for night), sleep breaks, feet on your face and all such things means that you can't have a best sleep. You could have it if you sleep alone.

Interesting thing, however, is that those who share beds for sleeping prefer sleeping together rather than alone, howsoever uncomfortable that sleep is. This is seemingly obvious aspect but is interestingly unnoticed by many who share bed.

What can be reason? I would put intimacy at a much lower rank in the list of reasons. Because I would not sacrifice my sleep of 7 hours for an intimacy which is not much helpful after I sleep off.

Rather it may be feeling of security which we as a species inherited from our ancestors in the jungle. It is on the bed that I forget all other worries; I talk with my partner all my thoughts which I keep back in my mind for whole day. I kind of feel a support in it. If we look at other animals, we will notice the same thing. Sleeping (or sharing bed if that pleases Western minds. I wonder, why 'Sleeping' in English language would also mean having sex? Do they never 'sleep' - mean take a 7-8 hour nap?) (sleeping) in groups is the basic instinct of all gregarious animals, to which we human being also belong. Notice the dog in last frame of picture above. Funny.
It is nice observation (at the most). (I would hate to call it a study.)
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