Sunday, November 19, 2006

Casino Royale Review * * * * *


This Bond is cool. Really cool. James Bond on his first mission after upgraded to a license to kill. James Bond becomes Agent 007. In his first mission Bond has to choke the funding channel to world of terrorism by winning poker(!), and defeating a blood-weeping man Schiffr in it. He is accompanied by Eva Green, an acountant in Treasury. Bond plays poker, swallows and digests poison, makes love with Eva Green, endures brutal torture and emerges as One Of The Best Bond ever. Yes he is simply better than metrosexual Pierce Brosnan. Raw, agile, brute & witty. That's the 007 we want.

Credit here goes to Daniel Craig and the script. Devoid of gadgets, the Bond here relies more on his brute force and agility to break necks (yeah! he really breaks them in the movie), more humane (heroically humane) persona of bond. The original story of Casino Royale is changed here to fit into the terrorised world order of today. This seems more an artificial unfit. But the presentation and daniel Craig sail through it all.

21st Bond movie and 6th Bond are different from predecesors on at least three counts...

  1. Bond is blond here. Yes blue eyed sexy blond.

  2. The Bond's female is not so glamourous and polished (remember Ursulla Andress!). She is more feminine 7 doesn't holds a gun in whole movie. Instead sits below shower - terrified and shocked - after seeing kiilings and death bodies.

  3. Here is real comedy which proves my point no. (2) -- Ursulla Andress & Halle Berry emerge out of water like godess and seductress...! In Casino Royale, who emerges out of water is not Eve Green, but instead - Daniel Craig!

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