Sunday, November 5, 2006

India's Moral Crisis & The Answer

We have a very talented engineer turned social engineer in my hometown, Ambajogai. Prasad Chikshe, who runs a school in my town has become a source of inspiration for many youngsters like me in and around Ambajogai. It's a Swades (the movie) like story started long before Swades was released. He sent us an email pointing to the intellectual crisis of India and need for intellectual activism.

Here is my comment to his very well thought write-up:

"Hello Prasaddada for a contribution so simulating to the our thinking.

You are absolutely right to point out the intellectual crisis (or rather Intellectuals' Crisis). All those people who can do something are not doing anything to their full potential. And that is the reason why their is a crisis in our minds. We are actually going up but still feel depressed.
Prasaddada, I feel that the reason is beyond only 'Intellectual crisis'. I strongly feel that it is a Morality Crisis which has plagued us. We Indians have little self respect left in us. A brave tribal who can kill a tiger single handedly, becomes a cow when he goes to Tehsil office. An enterprising businessman of the caliber of Ford, acts like a slave in front of foreign delegation.
Why this happens? Credit for this must go to the Britishers, who destroyed every Indian symbol of national pride and also destroyed her socio-economic fabric. This is also the reason why even after 59 years of independence, we Indians are still in dilemma about whether we should be proud of Sanskrit and Sanskriti or not.
But the situation is changing. Mittal, TATA, Infosys etc. are the beacons for a new era for India - exactly because they are giving us a reason to be proud of. USA, UK and Japan are far ahead in development and welfare not because they have more people like Medha Patkar and Anna Hajare. This is because they have Ford & GM & Intel & Microsoft & Sony.
People like APJ, Sam Pitroda and TATA-Relience-Mittal believe in exactly this thing. They are giving us vision and also implementing it. We don't need Medha Patkar and Anna Hajare who prefer to become a part of problem rather than solution.
India and Indians need more people who have a tremendous self respect (Self reaspect = respect about one's past, present and future). And India also need more people who create something of which we can be proud of.

"Self Respect + Hard Work = Strong Nation"
6 days of quality work at your own company > Rs. 1 lakh to charity

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