Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Tell me what around us needs Innovations?

There are a lot of things around us which really need innovation and change. Let me list some those:

  1. Politics. 'Democracy' is very general concept. There is so much variations across societies of different countries. And there is so little difference among the political and administrative systems they use. It surely needs innovations that suits a particular country. What can be the most important innovation that will be required for India?

  2. Laptops & Medicines. Why are they so expensive?

  3. Business Models in Books, CD's industry. Otherwise they will not be able to beat piracy. Piracy industry serves needs of consumers in a better way.

  4. Newspapers. Times Of India sucks.

  5. News Channels. All of them suck.

  6. The desktop keyboards. My hands ache.

Tell me where else do we need Innovations. Top 5 of them.
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