Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Disaster Of Tire-Reef & Lessons to Learn

Solutions in case of social & environmental problems are often too simplistic - no matter, how deliberately they are planned. When policy-makers start with a wrong solution, they do the deliberations for a wrong solution. And the 'deliberately planned wrong' solution fails obviously.

Case in oint is a Tire-reef which was 'planned' near an American beach, and which now is turning out to be an environmental disaster. None of intended benefits accrued & a lot of unintended, unanticipated damages are piling up.

Read this story in USA Today.
"A mile offshore from this city's high-rise condos and spring-break bars lie as many as 2 million old tires, strewn across the ocean floor — a white-walled, steel-belted monument to good intentions gone awry.
The tires were unloaded there in 1972 to create an artificial reef that could attract a rich variety of marine life, and to free up space in clogged landfills. But decades later, the idea has proved a huge ecological blunder."


The lesson for all decision makers, from this blunder, is - If you have found a right solution, still strive for one more, and one more. Now chose the best. (For, life is too complex to anticipate everything.)

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