Sunday, February 25, 2007

Great Tips For Managers

Here is a great post on managerial tips, from Business Intelligence Lowdown blog.

Just a curiosity - Which 3 tips you find most important?

1. What goes around comes around [Treat your employees, peers and superiors with respect, from the lowest janitor to the CEO of the company]

2. Basic humaneness pays

3. Know your employees

4. Bring out their hidden potentialon

6. Equality among all

7. Don't be a Jack-of-all-trades

8. Match the right job to the right person

9. Delineate responsibility

10. Trust your employees

11. Pay them well

12. Reward exceptional performances

13. Praise in public, punish in private

14. Loudness does not help

15. Personalization is the key

16. Lend a ear

17. Make them feel they count

18. Family matters

19. Constructive criticism works

20. Be a mentor

21. Don't hold too tight

22. Flattery will get you nowhere

23. Ask and you will receive

24. Mistakes happen

25. Give credit where it's due

26. Group dynamics

27. Feedback matters

28. Share misfortune

29. It's a diverse world

30. Show interest

31. Allow them to complain

32. Different people, different styles

33. No technology needed

34. Equal work, equal pay

35. Judge not

36. No tattletales wanted

37. Time flies

38. Disseminate information

39. Keep your distance

40. No "I" only "We"

Work out work and vacation issues…

41. Do not overburden them with work

42. Vacations are personal

43. Keep the office at the office

44. Avoid last-minute tasks

If you are male…

45. No adult humor

46. Accord respect

47. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus:

If you are female…

48. No false pretenses

49. Clothes maketh the (wo)man

There's always room for personal improvement…

50. Be the best

51. Manage your time

52. Ethics matter

53. Be proactive, not reactive

54. Admit your mistakes

55. Rudeness does not pay

56. Neither does arrogance

57. Waste not, want not

58. Humor works

59. Focus, focus, focus

60. Avoid the office grapevine

61. Be one of the gang

62. Take love out of the air

63. Watch what you do

64. Don't suck up

65. Practice what you preach

66. Look and learn

67. Stand firm on your beliefs

68. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

69. Stay firm on terra firma

70. Be approachable

71. Forgive and forget

72. Wisdom pays

73. Be there
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