Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Power Of Early Morning Routine of CEO's

There are several benefits of waking up early in the morning besides the feeling that you are up and kicking ahead of other motals. Most importantly, it gives you a detachment from daily routine. After a certain time, one gets so immersed in his/her office schedule, family matters and such things that he/she hardly gets time to realise that there is a world beyond all these. Further, you also get time to prepare yourself, mentally and physically, for tasks which are thrown at you by the day.

On Yahoo! Finance, there is a an article by Jim Citrin which corroborates above point. In his article, Tapping the Power of Your Morning Routine, Jim tells us about how an early morning routine is helping CEO's world over. Main point he makes through his study of 20 CEO's and top executives, is that you really become an early bird to reap benefits of the day, by getting up early.

Here is the routine of top CEO's:

  1. Start early.

  2. Get a jump on email.

  3. Exercise every morning.

  4. Be thoughtful about the source, form, and timing of your news.

  5. Problem-solve. (Because your mind is clean in the morning)

  6. Make family time.

  7. Be creative with your morning routine.

Here is a great post by Dave Cheong on 'Waking Up Early & Consistantly'. The best tips in this post can be summarised in following points -

  • Have a reason/motivation to wake up early

  • 'Another 10 Minutes' is a trap. Don't fall for it

  • Get up early even at the weekends

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