Monday, February 5, 2007

Deevelopmental Refugees-Displacements in Development

What is the value of life? What is the value of a barren piece of land, which a farmer cherishes more than his heart? Is value of need of 10 persons more than 1 person? These were only some of questions which popped up again and again in my mind when I read about current conflicts between economic development and livelihood.

On one side, governments go on talking endlessly about justice (any saner person hardly believes in that talk, though) and on other policies like Special Economic Zones and IT parks are driving hundreds of poor families out of their homes. The euphoria for economic growth has been creating newer conflict points between authorities/ corporates and numerous local communities. Big dams, big industrial projects, SEZ and IT parks are a few of such points at which the authorities backed by business class is in clash with the inhabitants of the land.

The need of hour is to form a clear strategy of development and to decide what is & what is not accepatable, no matter what may, in the process of development.
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