Saturday, February 24, 2007

Do The Self-help Books Really Help?

I remember reading a book titled 'Power of Thinking Big' by Anthony Robins (or someone with a similar name). It explained in a very lucid manner that anybody could really become anybody only if he dared to think big. There were stories, similies and examples - a lot of them. I was impressed by the book to the point of euphoria. I was feeling that I am the next Lincoln (or Nepolian!). But in 2 days life was as usual for me. I then came across a number of such books; I read them with a lot of hope, and each time I was at my optimistic high regarding my future. I would think that 'Yeah! Look at this. This was the thing I needed to change my future.'

But in vain.


Now the question is - 'Does this genre of 'Self-Help books really matter? Do these books really help us in anyway to improve ourselves and our lives?'

What do you think?
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