Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Healthy Day Routine

I started in my job in a big media house some 6 month ago. From then on, my health & fitness is totally messed up.

1. I sleep late in night.

2. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee/tea in whole day. This is worse if you consider the fact that I never touched these drinks before.

4. I sit whole day infront of computer hitting keys and moving mouse all the time staring at monitor with drying eyes. My eayes itch, eyelids droop & there is enough pain in right wrist.

5. I hardly get time during day to have a good lunch.

What a frustrating list of mistakes! I have actually forgotten whatever has been taught to me in childhood by my parents. Now the new plan for my day should be something like this -

  • Get early in the morning

  • Exercise (I have started a mild stretching workout on....well...yesterday.)

  • Do some breathing exercise

  • Have heavy breakfast in Morning - which I really love to have

  • Drink plenty water during whole day

  • Sleep early in light may be at 10:30 pm; currently the sleeping time is 12:00 am at the earliest

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